Writer’s Desk

First entry at the desk

This page is where I hope to get my thoughts out on the days that my characters don’t want to come out and play. I am a firm believer in no zero days, so if there is nothing here, you can trust that a manuscript got added to somewhere. My current project is the Sanctuary series. I started fleshing it all out in summer of 2018 and the first two books will be launched May 15, 2019. The series summary is below.

Sanctuary, Texas is a town of around 20,000 people. If you fit the status quo in Sanctuary, life is easy. Take a big risk or, more importantly, fail at the risk and you will be the talk of the town. If you’re an omega, forget about it. You pair off with an approved alpha or face the consequences. Very few omegas have independence in Sanctuary. Many of them live on the street.

Right now, all the town gossip surrounds Omega’s Hole, a nightclub sitting right in the middle of the business district. Will the town’s youngsters be corrupted by filth? Will traditional values be abandoned in favor of a quick blow job in an alley or bathroom? And what are the local omegas doing with their talk of equal rights?

Yes, omegas in Sanctuary are treated poorly. It’s harder for them to hold down long term jobs. Some are homeless, abandoned by their families when they refuse to marry the first alpha who comes along. Others leave town by choice rather than put up with bad attitudes among family. The omegas that stay, no matter where they are living, tend to have thick skins and know how to take care of themselves. Maybe, if people will start listening, things can get better. This is the hope of Fintan “Finn” Daire, owner and manager of the Den. He wants to convert the club and turn it into a safe house for the omegas of Sanctuary, using the night club portion of the business as a way to keep the lights on.

Follow Finn and watch his business evolve as the crew of Omega’s Den learn how to work together and support each other through plenty of gossip, a dash of betrayal, and a helping of small town crazy on the side.

Seeking inspiration

Does art imitate life or vice versa? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. For my Sanctuary series, however, I’m pulling a lot from my own experiences. I know small town Texas, having lived here for over half my life. I know country towns and all the various stereotypes that go with them. I’ve been standing in the local convenience store with no wallet (because ADHD sucks sometimes) and had the employees let me go on good faith, both because they know I will pay for my goods and that my house is only a ten minute walk away.

Even with all the positive stereotypes and the peaceful life, there is always a less than ideal side to everything. I know the gossipy women and the old men who sit all day drinking coffee, calling the waitress by name because they’ve all known her since she was in diapers. Not only do I know them, but I’m related to many of them and it’s hard sometimes. I know the made up prejudices and a lot of the challenges my characters face. I like writing about their struggles and enjoy giving them the victories that, sometimes, I did not get myself. I know Sanctuary, Texas because it’s the place I call home.